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Welcome to the Tribute Support Portal

There are three main areas within the portal :

News, User Documents and User Forum.

Within news there are 3 sections for:

  • Tribute News for example about new Releases of Tribute, Tribute Change Requests.
  • Helpdesk News for example to advise of major incidents such as national problems accessing Reservations, Customer Transaction Records or Credit Card authorisation.
  • Incidents to be used to communicate news about resolution of individual incidents (calls to the Help Desk) which have been effecting a number of customers or sites.

Within User Documents there are sections which contain User Guides for the various releases of Tribute and Hardware Guides for the IER, Swecoin and Newbury Data printers.

The User Forum area is not enabled yet and will be described later.

If you have any problems accessing documents within the portal then please feel free to contact me.

Chris Clarke
Tribute Support Service Manager

Tribute Atos
23rd November 2014