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Who are we?


Tribute is a joint venture company that owns the Tribute software and drives the development path. Its approach is unique for a number of reasons.

  • Tribute is made up of a membership of 12 TOCs and 4 telesales providers. These members constitute a body of expertise that is well placed both to understand the emerging needs of rail retailers and to place these requirements in the wider context of TOC business drivers and processes.

  • The membership to Tribute means that the cost of software developments is shared amongst its members and met by the annual per terminal licence fee, thereby keeping such costs to TOCs both low and predictable.

  • Any profits that Tribute earns from licence revenue is invested straight back into the development of the product.

  • Tribute has implemented proven processes for reaching common agreement amongst its members for the order and scope of new functionality to be delivered. These processes are regularly reviewed and revised where necessary to ensure that they remain effective and efficient

Atos Origin

  • Atos Origin is the systems integrator for Tribute. Working closely with Tribute to identify future requirements they undertake the prime contractor role for all bids and implementation work, scoping and costing changes as well as undertaking the development of all product releases. This approach is proven to work; with a good working relationship between the business experts in Tribute and the technical experts in Atos Origin. Atos Origin's track record in delivery of new releases is exemplary with all releases delivered on time and to budget.

  • Atos Origin were selected to work as Tribute’s systems administrator based on their knowledge and expertise of rail retailing. Utilising business objects common across their retailing suite of products has minimsed the inherent risks associated with developing new software. The organisations have worked closely to develop a product that meets the needs of the modern ticket office.

  • Atos Origin has over 35 years proven expertise implementing and managing the complex IT systems that underpin the transport industry and is at the forefront in the development of complete solutions for integrated, multi-modal transport. Through the implementation of technology enabled solutions, consulting, systems integration and managed services, Atos Origin delivers end-to-end services across the whole business process, enabling passengers to buy tickets, make seamless connections, travel faster, and above all, receive accurate and reliable information for the entire journey.

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23rd November 2014